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Stereotyped Makeover! Graduate Student Edition

08 February 2011

With yet another indicator of how ill equipped this university is to help graduate students prepare for non-academic careers, I got an email inviting me to a workshop to help grad students learn how to dress themselves.

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SfN, meet San Diego beer.

11 November 2010

I don’t think that most neuroscientists know how lucky they are to have descended upon this beautiful city on the tail of San Diego Beer Week. The discerning neuroscientist will find some awesome special beer during their first few days at SfN.
I’ve started compiling the San Diego Beer Week events that are close to the hotels near the convention center and the SfN hotels. I’ll get the rest of the days up soon. Enjoy!

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Sexual harassment is not your academic freedom

16 May 2010

Recently, Professor Dylan Evans has launched a petition campaign to fight his two-year “close supervision” order which was issued in response to an incident where he approached a female colleague to discuss an academic paper on fellatio in fruit bats. She interpreted this as an unwelcome incident of sexual harassment and filed a formal complaint. As he has been telling the story, the HR department dismissed the complaint. Nonetheless, the president of the university placed him on “close supervision” for two years. Unfortunately, the details of this are solely coming from Dr. Evans, who has launched a petition and a youtube video of select documents and has even made up a twitter hashtag, all portraying this as an academic freedom issue. A full posting of the documents challenges his claim of academic freedom, however.

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