Justin Kiggins

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Justin Kiggins, PhD

Building things that matter.

Justin Kiggins is a Product Manager at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, where he works with the Science Tools and Applications team, building open source data processing and visualization tools for computational biology and microscopy.

Justin has spent his career building technology for science and social change efforts. Before getting a PhD in Neuroscience at UC San Diego, he co-founded a nonprofit serving refugees in the Phoenix metro area and helped launch HarassMap, a street harassment reporting tool based in Cairo, Egypt. His research career focused on how brains process sensory information, where he applied machine learning approaches to the analysis of behavioral and neurophysiological data. While working as a scientist at the Allen Institute for Brain Science, he co-led user research and product design for the Brain Observatory. He has been building open source tools for scientific data management, analysis, and visualization since 2012.

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